The Scout Group is primarily made up of two elements; the scouting leadership team and the committee. The Group Scout Leader (GSL) supports the scouting leadership team and the Chairman supports the committee. The GSL has overall responsibility for the Group. All of these people are unpaid volunteers.

The committee is a group of volunteers, mostly parents of young people in the Group, who look after the non-scouting elements such as the site, the finances, community relationships and Group events.

Marc is our current chairman, Kevin our treasurer and we are looking for a secretary. Committee members are Christian, Simon and Simon. Together they pool their skills and manage what is needed. They are supported by a caretaker/handyman and various parents who offer time and skills to various tasks. They also employ professionals for jobs such as fire extinguisher maintenance and electricians.

The committee is always looking for more members or people just to offer to help in some small way without becoming a member. If you can, contact Marc on [email protected]


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