Spring Clean super successful

22 March 2014

A small but hard-working team met at HQ on a beautiful spring morning and set to around the site. The main target was the campfire area to get it ready for the event in a week’s time. Christian brought a mini digger and Matt and Nic gleefully tackled the humps around the area, creating a larger accessible space. Al and Neil cleared many of the logs and collected wood which had been dumped in the area, putting them in allocated places. Dan used the brush cutter to clear to the left of the log store which will be reserved as an axes and saw area.

Cleared around campfire

Barry and Simon started putting out the scalpings on to the drive to repair the new potholes. They were using spades, a wheelbarrow and stamping their feet. Jo, a parent, saw the opportunity to borrow her husband’s tamper machine and a phone call was made. The machine arrived with Andy and the drive was soon done. Another opportunity then arose as Andy’s dad Dave had come alone too and was an experienced digger driver. He volunteered to clear the area near the front of HQ which had become out of hand and was preventing us from driving vehicles down the side to the store. The area was cleared,scalpings added and we had the bonus of another car-parking space.

new parking

almost new parking







As if that wasn’t enough, Dave then helped Simon and Kevin clear the area behind the houses with the view of creating 4 more car-parking space. They did an excellent job which was scuppered by the huge amounts of glass found in the soil from the old banger car that was being parked up here. The area has been ‘logged’ off while we rethink.

Quietly in the background, Sally gave the Ann’s Lodge facilities a deep clean which was long overdue. Jo did a litter pick around the site making it both attractive but more importantly, safer, as some of the items were sharp and trip hazards. A large quantity of kindling was collected by her and several of the children which was another opportunity given to us courtesy of the recent high winds.

Marc and Terry had the DIY tools out and tackled some repairs and put our new key safe up and into use. Barry later shared their tools putting up the signs around the grounds and sorting out a shelving unit and a new shelf in our committee cupboard.

Meanwhile we’d all enjoyed plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits and later bacon rolls, some lovely cake bought by a parent, and hot cross buns.

Dan cut the lawn which is quite a challenge as it is out of sorts. And yet again he wielded the brush cutter for some time to great effect. Kevin, our treasurer has spent an hour with our auditor handing over the 2013 accounts then joined us and worked hard for several hours supporting everyone in their tasks.

Christian brought his chain saw and finished chopping up and clearing some of the fallen trees from the recent storm. He then put it to good use removing the stumps from the campfire area making them less likely to be tripped over.

Neil took on the rotten job of cleaning the BBQs ready for the following week.

There were lots of laughs along the way, the best one watching Simon running backwards and forwards across the car-park with the wheelbarrow between the digger and the tamper. Could he move!!


Many, many thanks to everyone who came. Its amazing how much we achieved in so few hours.


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