Young Leaders

In scouting there is a scheme for 14-18 year olds to work in younger sections as a Young Leader (YL). Most of them will also be explorer scouts, enjoying their scouting for themselves when they are in their units, but not all of them. There is a leader within District who manages and supports their training (Chris) and the GSL and section leaders support them in the Group and make sure they ‘get a go’.

We are really lucky to currently have 11 YLs working with us; Polar is our senior young leader who is currently mentoring all the new ones, Kodiak, Gobi and Iorek in Beavers (Thursday), Penguin and Albatross in Beavers (Monday), Baloo, Kaa, Jakala and Chil in Cubs and Sam in Scouts. We also have someone joining after Easter.

For YLs (and leaders);

A record of your training as kept by ESL (YL) aka Chris is now on OSM

A list of the training modules (who named them A, B, C….?)

Mission descriptions (go get that belt and put it on your CV)

CV top tips for including scouting skills and experience (you earned that glowing CV)

Template placement agreement


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