LEADERS USEFUL WEB RESOURCES. There are many tools to support leaders and many are on the web. And if you don’t know the answer, there’s always people to help you at Gilwell in the Info Centre. Call them on 0845 300 1818.

ADULT TRAINING. As leaders work through their training, they get support from a training advisor and the GSL. However, it can be useful to look things up for yourself and many details and links are held on the District website. As we are on the border of Hampshire, sometimes it can be beneficial to consider courses in Hants.

There is a raft of info about training; what needs to be done, specific training content, Dorset courses and how to book them. These are available on the Christchurch website

Hants links

As we are on the Dorset / Hampshire border, at times we use training as provided by Hampshire scouts. These are additional options when looking to source courses.

  • Hants First-Response course (full and refresher) calendar
  • Online booking for Hants First-Response courses at Romsey
  • Hants courses calendar for scheme modules
  • Hants training booking form

USEFUL APPS. There are many useful apps to use on your smart-phones which can help you with your scouting. There’s one that lists all the badges, another that accesses OSM, our record-keeping system, and one on first aid. Then if you start searching you’ll find others on knots, camping and so on.

My Badges

Produced by the Scout Association and useful to anyone who wants to know more about the badges that can be earnt. Beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers, and parents could all look through to see what they could gain. Just £1.49.

Leaders and young leaders can use it to check when programme planning, answer queries and plan badge work. Load it then claim the cost from the treasurer.

iPhone    Android

OSM Anywhere

Used by the Group to manage all our records online.  Does require wifi or equivalent. Leaders and young leaders can have access although what you can look it depends on your role. You will need to talk to the GSL to sort your authority out once you have the app.  Go to then opt for OSM Anywhere version.

First Aid

The Scout Association’s training partner, the Red Cross, does a free app that gives you simple, easy advice for 18 first aid scenarios. Useful as a refresher, might just be critical in an emergency.

Links to iPhone, Android and Blackberry


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