Lord Manners’ support

Our centenary was in 2010 and to mark the occasion, Lord Manners accepted the role of Honorary President and it was decided to introduce a group badge.

Lord Willie Manners is the fourth generation to generously support local scouting and Bransgore in particular. In recognition of almost 100 years of support, he was invited to become the Group’s Honorary President which he accepted and it was awarded on 9 Oct 2010 at the Anniversary celebration of the start-up of Bransgore’s first Scout Troop.

  • JT Manners, 3rd Baron, first Christchurch District Commissioner 1911-1924. He helped establish the District that Bransgore Group is still very much a part of.
  • FH Manners, 4th Baron, leased Braggers Wood site to Christchurch District from 1958 as their Scout Camp-site and it is understood that he had allowed Bransgore Scout Troop to camp there before that. Many of Bransgore scouts and cubs have enjoyed camping there and since 2009 many Bransgore scouts have left the group to join the new Explorer Scout Unit established there.
  • Fl/Lt JRC Manners, 5th Baron, offered the first lease to Bransgore Scout Group in 1973 for their new Scout Headquarters off Burnt House Lane. In 1991 he gave permission for the erection of the current brick building.
  • JHR Manners, 6th Baron, continues to lease land to Bransgore Scout Group. We are indebted to him for the lease and honoured he continues his family’s link with scouting.

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