Campfire – singing in the rain!

It was less DIB, DIB, DIB than drip, drip, drip at Bransgore Scout Group’s campfire on Friday, March 28.

Nevertheless, the sizable (but extremely safe, mind) fire distracted thoughts from the constant drizzle, and all enjoyed a raft of musical numbers performed with gusto by each troupe.

140328_Campfire_05Beaver leader Koala (Gill), resplendent in her comfy campfire blanket, led the Beavers in some old favourites (although Kumbaya was notable by its absence) and a thought-provoking number involving the capture and consumption of bumble bees.

140328_Campfire_15Led splendidly by two of their younger number, the Cubs sang about a moose, because the inclusion of giant North American beasts livens up every campfire ditty.

140328_Campfire_18And the Scouts whet appetites for the barbecue with a rousing piece about a bunglow, which contained little lyrically about single-storey living.

After the thoroughly decent nosh came unwelcome heavy refreshments from the heavens but the proceedings soldiered on nonetheless, as a new leader was invested and welcomed, supported by two of his peers, one of whom was present via Skype from New Zealand, where the weather was just peachy.

The Scouts pushed on through the torrent with a few numbers, including a tremendous impersonation of electrical appliances but, alas, the battering from the clouds proved too much and an early end was brought to the evening. A shame, that, but all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts and those in attendance should be commended for their dedication through the conditions.


But remember kids, don’t eat the bumblebees.  

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